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8 Churchill Dr
Upper Bruntingthorpe, LE17 5QX
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 116 2478500

Peake Products - the maker of the award winning, hogg roasting and cooking machine,' the Hogg Boss'. Our machines bring the timeless method of traditional hog roasting into the 21st century. Healthy, portable and designed in the Midlands, our machines give startling results, every time.


Non Rotisserie Version (Hog Version)

The Hogg Boss Non Rotisserie Version (Sometimes known by others as a "Hog Version" can offer a less costly or more affordable alternative to our Spit roasting option.

The difference being that on the Non Rotisserie version, one would cook the Hog in a tray (provided with this option) instead of cooking on a motorised spit.

Some prefer this method as it can be more suitable for their type of catering.

It completely eliminates the need of electricity so the Hog version may be more suitable for events where there is no power source.

Also one does not have to load the Hog onto a Spit pole, which could be considered a time consuming operation for some. This method can offer a quick (One out, One in) non fiddly solution for the event caterer.

The Hog Tray can also be used in our full rotisserie machine as an alternative to cooking on the spit.