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8 Churchill Dr
Upper Bruntingthorpe, LE17 5QX
United Kingdom

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Peake Products - the maker of the award winning, hogg roasting and cooking machine,' the Hogg Boss'. Our machines bring the timeless method of traditional hog roasting into the 21st century. Healthy, portable and designed in the Midlands, our machines give startling results, every time.


What makes the Hogg Boss the best hog roasting machine available?

1. The Hogg Boss spit roasting oven has an insulated double skinned body, which maintains an even temperature throughout the cooking process, regardless of the exterior temperature. The machine can be used indoors with adequate ventilation or outside.

From a safety point of view it also prevents anyone from burning themselves if they were to brush past the machine (which is required as part of the CE Certification process).

2. The Hogg Boss Spit Roasting Oven is 99% Stainless Steel; our motor is secured in a properly designed weather proof Stainless Steel enclosure
The Hogg Boss benefits from having its gas valves and controls fitted in a carefully designed stainless steel enclosure.

The Hogg Boss has been designed in such a way that, should the rare occasion arise were maintenance is required it can be carried out easily.

3. The Hogg Boss has a rigid removable specially designed lid with Robax viewing windows; this is a clear ceramic heat proof safety material. They are fitted in a secure and purpose designed hygienic enclosure, Meat cooked on The Hogg Boss is done in an enclosed oven environment, the machine is highly efficient and uses only 0.88 Kg of gas per hour on full rate.

4. The Hogg Boss benefits from a unique effortless quick action spit pole connection coupling which has been designed to engage the spit pole into drive, it locks firmly into position, and it can not come out during the cooking process.

5. The Hogg Boss spit roasting oven benefits from a unique hygienic and easy to clean meat securing system.

6. New for this year 2013 and unique to The Hogg Boss mobile spit roasting we have introduced a specially designed canter lever system for cooking in the top of the oven.This enables the user to cook for example stuffing, sausages, meat joints, potatoes, burgers in the free space over the top of the main meat being cooked. The accumulation of heat inside the top of the oven can thus be used beneficially. It is secured in the lid of the appliance and remains in a horizontal position no matter what position the lid is in, it can be folded back into the lid when finished with or can be quickly and easily be removed, it is designed to take many different sizes of standard Gastronorm Pans. Please see the images on our website, here as an example you will see the device has just cooked 200 stuffing balls to perfection in 35mins.

7. Unique to the Hogg Boss spit roasting oven the machine benefits from having a large full length stainless steel drip tray that slides into the underside of the machine on its own dedicated runners, this is to collect all of the fat and meat juices whilst cooking (usually at least one gallon of this from a pig) The Hogg boss has been designed this way with you the user in mind, so that when cleaning the inside of the machine it is less of a tedious job, Having to bend over your hog roast machine and scrape out all of that hardened fat and baked on meat juices would be a back breaking job. With the Hogg Boss, simply slide the tray out of the machine and place it somewhere (on a couple of trestles maybe) and clean it at a height that is comfortable for you.

Also having the option of taking this away from the machine allows the rest of the inside of the oven to be cleaned with ease; you can wash, clean and rinse the machine without filling it up with greasy soapy water.

8. The wheels on the Hogg Boss machine are bolted on to properly designed sturdy Stainless Steel Sub frames that offer not only a sturdy support for our fabulous 4 off all breaking heavy duty 200mm swivel wheels, but add greater stability and additional strength to the whole appliance. These machines are designed to be pushed up and down people’s drives, entries, patios, steps, gardens and fields.

9. All of the Nuts, Bolts and Fixings we use on the Hogg Boss machine are Stainless Steel and properly designed for the type of fixture that they hold together.
Each Hogg Boss machine is hand made by our experienced engineers here in the UK and the quality of the product is second to none. Each Hogg Boss machine undergoes a series of vigorous quality checks. There are no horrible sharp edges or burrs on our products.

10.. The Hogg Boss gas system is designed to be efficient and trouble free offering the user reliability through the course of the machines operational life time.

11. The Hogg Boss hog roasting machine comes with a 2 year warranty.

Purchasing a new hog roasting machine for the first time can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are new to the world of hog roasting. If it were a car you were looking to purchase, maybe a car of  distinction and quality, then you would possibly look at a Bentley or Rolls Royce. If it were a classy new watch you were wishing to purchase, then you would of course know that a nice Patek Phillippe, Rolex, Breitling or in any event at least something from Switzerland would fit the bill.

The purchasing of a new hog roasting oven unfortunately is a moor difficult task, as to the general public, little is known about such things. If you are a professional caterer, then of course you will already know that the Hogg Boss Machine is the best on the market.

It might be worth considering in your quest to find a hog roast machine, that a high ranking top position on your search results, is not necessary a high ranking product.

If possible, go and have a look at the different machines on offer before you purchase, touch the machines and feel around the edges, a typical example of bad workmanship is the failing to remove sharp edges on exposed metal. Ask as many relevant questions that you can think of, and be aware, there are some machines on the market that are not really fit for purpose. Watch out for the pushy salesman! Ask if the product has CE certification (a non certificated product could be an unsafe product) the certification process is there to ensure safety of a gas appliance. A gas appliance without CE certification is a potential bomb. If you are told that the product has a CE mark on it, then that is exactly what it has, it does not necessary mean that it has CE certification. Also be aware that if you are intending to cater at a public event, large or small, that the local area Health and Safety Officer is probably going to come and inspect your equipment, (Catering Equipment) prior to the event, this is a common occurrence and is carried out with one thing in mind, and that is to ensure the safety of the public. If your gas appliance is not carrying CE certification, then you will be more than likely asked to remove it from the site.

We wish you all good luck in the purchase of your new hog roast oven, we hope that you have found the information provided on our pages interesting, informative and beneficial, the last thing a person needs when trying to make an intelligent decision, is the provision of endless mindless waffle that has nothing at all to do with the product or item in question.

We like our websites content to be relevant to our products!

If there is anything you would like to know that we haven’t mentioned on our site, then please feel free to contact us with your questions.